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My name is Grainne Sherlock  and having spent many years in the Tourism business on the Frontline in Restaurants and Hotels I realised that there is an interest & appetite  by Tourists to access Local knowledge.

My aim with this blog is to show you places and introduce you to people who will help you have an exceptional holiday experience when you visit our lovely Country.

I will be showing you unusual places to visit be it historical , cultural or traditional in other words the country as I see it.

There are many wonderful places ” off the beaten track ” that for one reason or another are well kept secrets !. I hope to uncover some of those for you and show you an alternative to the more widely advertised places , but not exclude them,  as that would be a pity , I hope to add rather than take away from you overall experience.

I will slowly be building itinaries based on your feedback and needs and will cater to those needs  in the longterm by providing a tour guide system be it for walking , cycling or bus routes and will provide you with locals that will help you get into the heart of the country.

I hope this is of interest to some of you and would appreciate your feedback or comments.

I will be launching a website in the near future too so watch this space …… I will post again once ,http://www.unknownireland.com , is live.

But in the meantime if you wish to contact me by mail i can be reached by,

Email :  grainnesherlock3@gmail.com  or on

Skype : Grainne.Sherlock or by

Phone : 00353 83 1746787

7 thoughts on “About Unknown Ireland

  1. This is a wonderful idea Grainne well done. Not only will it be useful for tourists but also for people like me that have moved to Ireland looking for places to visit.
    Good luck x

  2. Great idea! I will be visiting Ireland next June with an old friend. We are quite adventurous souls and we would like to see the places which the locals hold dear to their hearts. Unfortunately, our time is limited to three weeks. The good thing is, the locals speak English which speeds up the process considerably. Thanks for investing your time in this.

  3. A great idea Grainne. I would urge any visitors to Ireland to seek out the music in local rural bars. Ask for it and let it be known you are disappointed if you don’t get it as it is dying out a lot due to several changes in our culture. There are still a few sessions to be found but you need to inquire. South Tipperary/Waterford is a lovely, off the beaten track, area to visit.

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